What sort of detail can I get in to my piece?

We have successfully achieved detailed letters and numbers as small as 0.75mm tall, top to bottom. And as deep into the piece as shallow as 0.75mm. To get a good idea of how small that is, the average fingernail is 0.5mm thick.

Can I keep my 3D prints?

Yes. If you would like to print out a piece to get a feel for what it looks like in the real world, no problem. We can easily do that at cost.

And, No. The 3D prints we use when creating your molds are often damaged or destroyed in the molding process.

What metals do you cast in?

Bronze and Sliver, in house. If you would like to cast in other metals, such as Gold or Palladium, we will send the 3D file to a fellow casting house. Shipping costs will be rolled in to the design fee.

Are you able to plate a base metal with gold?

Yes, we are able to plate either bronze or silver with 14k/18k/24k gold.

Can you give me a quote for design and the final piece?

Yes. Our estimates are based on past experience. Each piece of jewelry is unique, and should be treated as so. We estimate our design fee on just a few factors.

Past projects + Labor + Materials = Estimated price

The most efficient way to get a quote/estimate is to know what you are looking to produce.

Check out our pricing page for more information.

What should I have ready when I call Omerica MFG?

This would include, but not limited to, things like; price point, your budget, reference images, illustrations, gem and stone specs, size of the piece, metal type, quantity, quality, etc.

We are here to help you design, so don't feel you need to have it all nailed down before you call us. Our design team will help guide you where you are unsure. We will also give you feedback based on how feasible the design is to fabricate within our shop. As professional designers we take pride in collaboration. Producing engaging pieces is what we are all about.

How long does it take to create my piece?

On average our clients can push a design through to production in about 60-90 days. This will depend heavily on your involvement. The faster you approve the steps of design, the faster you can get your piece produced. We keep close eye on your personal workspace, the more interactive you are, the less time it takes to complete your piece.

I saw this really cool design on the web, can you make it for me?

We would rather not. This is a subject that crosses into copyright law. For more information about copyrights and how they apply to your dream design, we suggest doing some research on how copyright law works.

That said, we would be happy to work with you to create an original design that has the same aesthetic as your dream design. The possibilities are just about endless when it comes to designing jewelry. And wouldn't you rather have a piece that displays your personal style and soul.

Do you do bead work or leather work?

We don't. Our shop equipment does not include any machines that sow fabric or leather or thread beads.

Can you ship me the prototype?

Yes, we feel it's very impotent that you hold your piece in hand. If you are not able to visit our shop we can ship your prototype to you. Because this is a big part of the design phase the cost of shipping is rolled into the design fee.

Whats the first step?

Email us at info@omericamfg.com with any information/references you have on your concept. We will review and hit you back with any questions we have.

Can I inlay wood in to my piece?

Yes. However there are a few guidelines you need to follow.
1) The wood inlay can be no thinner than 2mm.
2) We can't bend the wood around the surface.

Can I get my own stones inlayed?

Yes. We can inlay just about any stones and gems. Bring them by the shop, or send us a picture. Give us an image or illustration of how you would like them inlayed as well. This will give us an idea of the complexity the project.

I have an existing piece, can you make a mold for casting?

Yes. Just bring it by the shop, or send us a picture with the dimensions clearly labeled. Depending on the size, we can make a mold of your piece for production.

Can I keep my mold?

Yes. The mold cost is included in the design fee. So it's yours. We keep it at our shop so we can produce your pieces, but you can request it at any time.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

We make everything in the Omerica shop 'to-order'. You will receive shipping conformation as soon as your order is prepared for shipping and ready for carrier pick-up. We will do our best to let you know promptly if we encounter any problems with your order. Thanks, and we promise, our quality is worth the wait!

How can I check the status of my order?

Sign in to the member area to see the status of your order or email us at sales@omericaorganic.com

Will I receive an order confermation?

Yes. We send you the following email confirmations
- Order Confirmation
- Processed successfully or declined
- Shipping confirmation with tracking details

Can you ship me the prototype?

Yes, we feel it's very impotent that you hold your piece in hand. If you are not able to visit our shop we can ship your prototype to you. Because this is a big part of the design phase the cost of shipping is rolled into the design fee.
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